"What happens to AirPods when they get old and die?" Will Oremus write for Medium. "Does the same seamless design help make them iconic also make them an environmental abomination?"

"It is a question a growing number of critics are asking as the Bluetooth bids nest in ever more ears," writes Oremus. "However, based on the conversations with e-waste recyclers, repairability experts, and Apple itself, the answer is not as simple as you might hope or just as gloomy as you may fear."

  Apple AirPods

Apple AirPods

"When I contacted Apple for this story, I didn't expect much from an answer. The company is known to be selective about its press relations. But I found the company more eager than usual to disprove that AirPods is a planetary nightmare – a claim that seems to have caught Cupertino a bit surprisingly, writes Oremus. "Most of all, Apple would make it clear that you can recycle AirPods – or at least important components of them. – and you can go through Apple to do that. "

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MacDailyNews Note: The program is called" Apple Trade In. "It allows you to trade in your eligible device for credit against your next purchase, or get an Apple Store gift card you can use at any time. If your device is not eligible for credit, Apple will recycle it for free .

The website "Apple Trade In" is here.