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What is an Instagram theme and should you have one? – LifeSavvy

  colorful spread of images from the Pantone Instagram account
@ Pantone / Instagram

Every month, one billion people use Instagram. If you're one of those billions, why not get more out of your time on the app? An Instagram theme will make your posts pay off with new, loyal followers and a more impressive feed.

Instagram themes synchronize your posts with a continuous visual concept, giving you an attractive, curated account. Although not everyone needs an Instagram theme, they are a great way to make Insta your more visually appealing and fun. And for anyone who hopes to use the platform for personal branding or sales, they are practically important.

Is an Instagram Theme Right for You? And if so, how can you decide (and stick to) a great theme? Here's all you need to know to create a distinctive Instagram theme that grows according to your natural.

Why use an Instagram theme?

With an Instagram theme, all your posts are aggregated with visual consistency. Your theme may be based on color: for example, you can post only black and white pictures or just pastels. It may involve the subject: you can post any beach related pictures or all portraits. It may involve a larger image: using individual images to create a larger visual mosaic made from smaller "tiles". Or there may be something else you dream about.

For brands, an Instagram theme acts as a kind of brief for your "brand history", or the unique details of your business that customers love. For example, if you want to sell to the trendy minimalist, you can reflect it with a theme that involves simple pictures against pure white background.

But Instagram themes are also good for individuals. They can give people a clear idea of ​​who you are by looking over your Instagram. And they can make posts more fun by giving you the payout of a nicer account.

Social media is about representing yourself online, and an Instagram theme can help your posts feel more authentic and targeted. A great theme also tends to attract new followers and force more people to interact with your enviable account.

How to create an Instagram theme

Does this post tactics sound right for you? Then you have to choose the best topic to work with.

Before you decide on our theme, we recommend reading our guide to create a personalized brand. Knowing your personal brand can give you valuable ideas to begin with.

But with that in mind, here are the steps that will lead you to a winning Insta theme.

Tackle Content First

First, you have to face the challenge of deciding what content you want to post.

If you set out to sell products, this is relatively easy. You want posts that show your products well. As an individual, the decision is more complicated. It helps determine your goal for Instagram first. Want to show off your amazing overall lifestyle? Do you have food photos to support the cooking blog? Do you post daily photos of the day?

  a scattering of pictures with cabins in the woods and their cozy interiors
@ thecabinland / Instagram

Start by thinking about your goals and the audience, and the right kind of content to be entered will logically follow. You do not always need to post the same topic, but you can certainly do it if you want your topic to be about something specific, like food or travel. You can also look at which of your previous posts have received the most likes and comments, and aim to post similar content to your topic.

Include your bio

Instagram themes are mainly related to the photos you post. Don't forget to update the cinema and view the image so that they reflect your theme.

These static elements can give context to your topic so people can see who you are and what you do right away. For example, if you are a nature photographer, your Instagram theme may be about beautiful examples of your work, everything cut and filtered in a similar way. But your cinema will tell people that you are a photographer, so they know why you are posting nature photos. It will also tell them how to contact you – which is crucial to any business or entrepreneur.

Your bio tone can also reflect your theme. If you post serious pictures and captions, your cinema should be serious. But if your Instagram content is fun and cheerful, a fun movie peppered with emoji can work better.

Finally, your display image can show them the person behind the feed. (Unless you post as a brand, then you should use the logo.) The on-screen image should also match the color scheme of the Insta theme, for a coherent look that shows attention to detail.

Choose a Color Story

Your Instagram theme should include a color scheme. But that doesn't mean you have to stick to just one color – even if you can.

  Colorful teal and pink photos from the Pantone Instagram account
@ Pantone / Instagram

Have all black and white photos or all shades of pink shades look beautiful. But you can also use a color concept instead of a specific single shade. For example, your theme may include lively primary colors, neutral shades or muted, washed-out tones. Your posts can be bright and bright, or all dark and whimsical. Whatever it is, remember to choose something and stick to it.

It is also useful to post pictures in groups that have similar colors. For example, you can post a series of images that include red and then transfer to images that include yellow. This helps your Instagram look organized without restricting you to a single color.

Choose Your Filters

Filtering all your photos in a similar way will help them look like they go together, even if they involve more colors. For example, a warm, damp filter will give your Instagram a vintage feel, while clean, cool filters can provide a modern feel. You can use a set of filters instead of just one, but they should all have a similar aesthetic.

If you are serious about photography, you may want to take all your photos in similar light. But for amateur photographers, filters can help give the same effect.

Offer Visual Balance

Our eyes are naturally drawn to symmetry. And Instagram accounts, with images placed in three rows, provide a perfect opportunity to make things symmetrical.

There are many ways to provide thematic symmetry. You can enter an inspirational quote as the middle image in each row, flanked by photographs of people or places. You can make sure the pictures in each row share similar colors. Or you can share your photos in "tiles" so that each post becomes a piece of a larger mosaic. No matter how you do it, be sure to consider symmetry as you lay out.

Crop with Care

  cleverly cropped images with alternating white frame sizes
@ thegreycollective / Instagram

Crop your photos in a similar way will also help you visualize the current stream. An account filled with close-ups looks different than an account filled with distant images surrounded by empty space. You can also add frames so your photos look the same.

Prepare your account

If you have been on Instagram for a while, you probably have many old photos that do not match your new theme. When you start posting photos with themes, you can decide whether you want to delete the old photos, or just post them so consistently that they are pushed to the bottom where the followers ever scroll.

Since Instagram does not allow you to delete many old posts, clearing out the old things can pose a challenge. However, you can try a third-party mass deletion app if you decide it's the best grip. However, we would recommend waiting to clear your old posts until you are ready to fill out your account with new ones. Otherwise, people searching for you in the meantime will find an empty, boring account that will remove potential followers.

Using an Instagram theme can help you get more followers, which is a good bonus if you are an entrepreneur or business owner. But it can also make your personal Instagram a source of creative expression and make each post more fun and rewarding. You definitely do not need to use a topic if you prefer to post randomly. But if you want Instagram to impress your followers and show off your personality, this is a great way to do it.

Is it putting out selfies as part of your Instagram strategy? We can help with that too – check our guide to take better selfies next time.

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