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What is guiding access to the iPhone and how do you use it?

Have you ever given your child your iPhone to play a game and somehow opened your Mail app instead? Or maybe you worked hard on a project, but were delayed due to distracting messages on the iPad?

It's a quick and easy way to stop such situations. It comes in the form of guided access to the iPhone and iPad. This convenient feature limits what you can see on the screen as well as what you can press. How to create and use guided access on iOS.

What is guiding access on iPhone and iPad?

As we introduced, guided access is a feature that restricts what you can see and tap on the iOS device screen. 19659002] The restriction includes a single app, so you cannot view, open, or use other apps on your device during a guided access session.

Additionally, you can prevent certain areas of the screen from being drained. This is ideal if the app has banner ads at the top or bottom. It is also useful to eliminate the ability to tap alerts you have set up to appear at the top of the screen. A new feature for the feature is when you teach someone to use an app that has many buttons to press. You can limit them to only those they really need.

Now that you know which guided access is and how it can help, let's move on to setting up a session.

How to create a guided access session on iPhone and iPad

Setting up a guided access session is almost identical on iPhone and iPad. Here's how it works:

  1. Open Settings > General > Availability .
  2. Scroll to the bottom and press Guided Access
  3. Move the slider to enable guided access .

Enabling the function does not mean that your Guided Access session has started. You have to take an extra action to begin. Before doing so, take a look at these additional settings that you can now see:

  • Password Settings : Enter a specific password for guided access, or use a touch ID (or face ID) for a session. [19659011] Time Limits : Set an alarm sound and / or have time left in the session that speaks loudly before time ends. This only applies if you use a time limit for the session (see below).
  • Available shortcut : When enabled, accessibility shortcuts will be displayed if you triple the Home button (on iPhone X or later page button) during a session.
  • Mirror View Auto Lock : When enabled, the supervised access will correspond to the Auto Lock settings in Display and Brightness.

How to Use Guided Access [19659004] When you're ready to start a guided access session, open the app you want to use during the session. Remember that it only works with one app at a time.

Triple click on the Home button to start the session, or on the iPhone X or later, use the Page button . You can also ask Siri to help you say "Turn on guided access."

You can then press Start at the top right to start the session immediately. Alternatively, take a moment to explore the options available for your session.

Options Available for Guided Access

  • Sleep / Wake Button : Turn the Sleep / Wake button on or off.
  • Volume buttons : Turn the volume buttons on or off.
  • Motion : Allow or decline motion as screen rotation.
  • Keyboards
  • Time Limit : Enable and set a time limit for guided access session.
  • : Touch : Allow or block screen tubes. 19659029] You will notice a tip on the Guided Access screen, explaining that you can "Circle areas on the screen you want to disable." This is useful for keeping yourself or others from tapping certain parts of the app or screen during the session. Just use your finger to circle the areas you want to disable, and you'll see a shape view that you can make larger or smaller, and move or delete.

    To End a Guided Access Period

    If you set a time limit in the Guidance Options area, the session ends when the time is up. You will see a warning asking you to triple-click the button to enter your password.

    You can also manually end a session at any time by triple clicking Home (or Page ) button and enter your password. Remember that if you enter a specific password for guided access, you will need to enter it. If you didn't, enter your password.

    Alternatively, you can double-click Home (or if you enabled the feature when you turn on guided access.] Page ) button and use touch ID (or face ID) .

    Guided Access Notes

    Here are some extra points to keep in mind when using guided access:

    • If you don't see it Options on the Guided Access screen, try to triple click Home (or Page ) button again and enter your password. 19659011] When using guiding access in the app you have selected, you will notice that the areas you circled and options you specify earlier will transfer to a new session for that app. This is appropriate since you have not re-selected these items.
    • You can change the options you use for a session, partly through, if necessary. Exit the session as described above, then press Options to make your changes. When satisfied, select Done and then press Continue to continue the session.

    Don't forget about screen time

    While different than supervised access, screen time is a similar feature Apple introduced to control the use of the device. You can use screen time on iPhone and iPad to limit the time you spend on your device, restrict specific apps, block content, and set daily limits.

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    Guided access on the iPhone and iPad can be used

    For the situations mentioned earlier, and probably many more, guided access can be a practical tool. Don't forget it's there on the iPhone and iPad the next time you need it.

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