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What percentage of people prefer Mac over PC?

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You may think this is a tricky question because most people prefer PC over Mac, right? Well, more people can use PCs, but that doesn't necessarily mean they are preferred. For the sake of argument (and this article), when I say "people," I refer to students. And although they can sometimes act as party animals, they are actually people.

The Research

In a new study of over 2 200 students from Jamf this week, 71% have either a Mac or a wish they did. For some calculation, there is a great preference over the option. What makes the number look even more unbalanced is when you look at the other side of the equation: Only 29% would choose PC over Mac. To turn down the numbers further:

• 40% use Mac
• 31% use PC, but prefer Mac
• 29% use and prefer PC

Now consider this … The biggest win in A presidential election was Franklin Roosevelt's 60.8% to Alf Landon's 36.5% in 1936. * There is a ridiculous margin for "it's not even a competition" success. And Mac exceeded Roosevelt's margin by 10%? Bare I just say …

* Just so that history stories don't start to flame me … Yes, I'm well aware that James Monroe caught 98.5% of the votes in 1820. But come on, the guy basically ran indefinitely.

Why Mac Over PC?

So what gives? Well, Mac does. In fact, it is the gift that continues to give.

Students were asked to select the main reasons for choosing the platform, and here are the results:

 Why Mac Why PC

All reasons are higher for Mac versus PC and the only one The reason higher for the PC was the price. But it's not exactly a news flash that people use PCs because they think they are cheaper. (I do not want to go into the Total Cost of Ownership rant here – there is much written about this topic elsewhere.)

Employers Are Better Being Mac Friendly

Now, given, Jamf is an Apple Device Management company, So they do have an interesting interest in using Mac usage. They are mainly aimed at employers with these data. And for good reason.

"The next generation of job seekers want their technology to work so that they can focus on their jobs. They see Mac as more modern, intuitive and reliable – and would like to continue using it when starting their career says Dean Hager, CEO, Jamf.

The report states that "67% of students, no matter what computer they own, agree that they are more likely to choose and stay with an organization that gives them a choice in work computer. "It's quite significant. If two-thirds of healthy, young and motivated talent would consider going to work, if they had to work on a PC, companies are better prepared to offer a Mac option.

Knowledge and Value

 Mac Versus PC - Young Professionals The researchers also say that "the next generation of job seekers see Mac as more intuitive, more modern and more easily integrated with their other devices. This gives them the freedom to be more productive, creative and collaborative. Most are already familiar with Apple products, and most believe that Mac offers the highest value. "I'm down with it.

So, consider transferring a job if you had to use a PC instead of a Mac or vice-versa? I have to admit I probably would. And if you haven't guessed it yet, "I'm a Mac."

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