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What to expect from Monday's Keynote

Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference ( WWDC ) takes place next week at the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, California. Between Monday, June 3 and Friday 7. June brings thousands of developers to workshops, chats with Apple engineers and their peers, and creates skills in creating powerful and useful apps for Apple hardware. The start of the week on Monday morning is WWDC keynote, where major announcements will be made and the direction of Apple's strategy in the next year will be revealed to everyone. In this article, we will tell you what to expect from Monday's key speech.

iOS 13

Apple annually announces details of the next generation of iOS mobile operating system for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. iOS 13 (codenamed "Yukon") is next in line and is expected to have some new features that will be of interest to iOS fans.

First up, dark mode – introduced on macOS in the Mojave at WWDC 2018 – should be available in iOS 13. Along with dark mode, a new sleep mode is expected to darken the lock screen and mute incoming alerts.

Speed ​​improvements and bug fixes are in the work of Messaging, Mail, Maps, Reminders, and the increasingly important health program. Expect the whole operating system to feel more responsive. There is always a chance that some older devices will not be able to upgrade to iOS 13; this information is usually displayed at some point during WWDC.

In an effort to make the iPad Pro even more useful, Apple is rumored to add a feature to display multiple windows in a single iPad app using a flip view similar to what the Safari browser now allows users to . In addition, it is expected that iPad apps will have the opportunity to support more stable and moving "cards".

One of the more useful features added to iOS in recent years was the app Files and it is expected to be revised to provide more features and easier searching.

A wonderful iOS is how users can undo something that was accidentally done – it's done by shaking the device. This movement is not in place for devices such as the iPad Pro, so new moves for both regret and repeat are expected. The gestures used to select multiple items in tables or collections (such as images) will probably also be renewed to make them easier to perform and remember.

Word Has It Like Find My iPhone (iPad / iPod touch) and Find My Friends can be merged so that an app handles all the location-oriented features. A peer-to-peer tracking app that doesn't require Wi-Fi can also debut, just by using proximity to other devices in the area.

Don't expect support for 5G wireless networks to be built into iOS 13; Rumor has it that Apple is waiting for chipsets for future devices, as well as the deployment of actual 5G wireless networks. Expect 2020 to be the year 5G for Apple.

A revised app Health is expected to include a new website showing daily activity, adding a hearing health section (by tracking how high your external environment is and the volume you use while listening to headphones) , and more extensive tracking of menstrual cycles.

Are you using a third-party app like Duet Display or Luna Display to use iPad as another Mac screen? Apple is expected to build that capability on iOS 13 and includes the ability to expand the display area, get Mac messages and draw with an Apple pencil.

The App Reminders that have been part of both iOS and macOS have been neglected over the years, but in 2019 it is expected to be a major revolution. The revised app will have a main screen with four standard features in a grid: All tasks, tasks to be performed today, scheduled tasks, and flagged tasks. Each section is a different color and is expanded to a page that users can add as well.

The App Home is also in print for a revolution and adds further integration to something that many people want in their smart home security cameras. The ability to look at previous recordings made by HomeKit enabled cameras comes first and foremost in the update.

macOS 10.15

An important change for MacOS 10.15 is that it no longer supports 32-bit apps. macOS 10.14 Mojave has warned users since it came to beta form a year ago, and we have several articles to show Rocket Yard readers how to check for 32-bit apps that are no longer running.

We are sure to hear more about " Marzipan " at WWDC 2019. It is a universal apps feature that will allow developers to design single-tabs that work with a touchscreen in iOS or a mouse / trackpad and keyboard on macOS. This project is important for both Apple and developers for two reasons: First, it will increase the number of apps available for Macs on the Mac App Store. The other reason?

Expect to see new books Music and Podcasts apps announced for MacOS 10.15, as well as a new TV app that Apple has already confirmed.

Screen Time the ability that has been part of iOS in the past year, will make it macOS this year, as well as integration with Siri Shortcuts app.

What will be the nickname of the latest macOS? That's a great question! Apple has trademarked a number of California-themed names, including Big Sur, California, Condor, Diablo, Farallon, Grizzly, Mammoth, Miramar, Monterey, Pacific, Rincon, Redtail, Redwood, Sequoia, Shasta, Skyline, Sonoma, Tiburon and Ventura. There may be some of these … or something else completely!

tvOS 13 and watchOS 6

All Apple operating systems are scheduled for an annual update, including tvOS and watchOS. Don't expect to see much of a change for tvOS 13 but the Apple Watch line would have new opportunities thanks to watchOS 6 .

One of the most impressive changes coming to watchOS 6 will be the addition of a Watch App Store running on the device itself, so users download apps on the go. Watch app developments have stagnated recently, so this can start the developer interest in the platform by opening a new opportunity window.

Do you like to make Voice Memos on iPhone, iPad or Mac? You now have a Voice app on Apple Watch. It is expected that more complications on the face will appear, with an increase in audio books, another showing the battery life of connected hearing aids, and others to show rain data and measure external noise.

Although Apple is not expected to give developers the opportunity To create their own clock faces, the company will display several new faces: a gradient face that takes any color chosen by a user and makes it a gradient guard face, two "Extra Large" faces that show great times in a variety of fonts and colors, a "Solar Analog" clock face that looks like a sun, and one called "Infograph Subdial" that can include major complications for the weather or stock market map.

In the health front, The Watch will get a "Dose" app for pill reminders and a "Cycles" app to track menstrual cycles.


Sometimes Apple uses WWDC to make a great hardware message. One that has been long delayed is the release of a new, more powerful and modular Mac Pro . What better time to make the announcement than to a group of developers who often want the fastest possible hardware to compile and test their apps? A companion to the Mac Pro, if announced, may be the new larger external display with the code name J290 which includes high dynamic range (HDR) support.

All or none of these assumptions may be correct. What is more likely is that some of our expectations will be met, while others (like Mac Pro) may be delayed another time. What announcements will you see on WWDC keynote?

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