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What to look for in a digital product development company – digital product development agency


For digital products, the journey from concept to launch can follow a complicated roadmap.

Regardless of product, regardless of industry, the development process is best entered into with intention and purpose. Often, the difference between success and failure comes down to your preparation and ability to respond to challenges as they arise.

Because creating a successful digital product is an important task, many companies enlist the services of a digital product development company. But if you need help, you can not just cooperate some solid. With such an important job, it is important that you work with Right one ̵

1; a team that matches your goals, values ​​and needs.

In a word, you want a company for digital product development which takes a holistic approach.

A holistic approach to digital product development services

Ideally, the company you choose should act as both a partner and a guide. They will work with you to not only work out your vision, but to build your idea right before development begins. And when the work begins, they should point you in the right direction and walk with you every step of the way until you reach your goal with a great digital solution.

What it looks like in practice is a company that takes a holistic approach to development. This means taking a comprehensive strategy that begins with an assessment, turns into development, quality assurance and delivery and continues with continuous commitment.

So what are the characteristics to look for in a digital product design company?

They listen to what you want

The root of a good relationship between client and company involves an open and respectful dialogue. When searching for the right company for you, it is important that you work with someone who will listen attentively and respond thoughtfully.

For the process to succeed, the company needs to know exactly what you are looking for from your digital product – details such as ideas, concerns and budget. To do this, they must ask the right questions – questions such as:

  • What are your goals both as a company and with the app?
  • How will the app fit into your current business model?
  • How would the app benefit you?
  • What are the mandatory features you are looking for in the app?
  • How do you envision the design?

All of these details help your company’s team anticipate problems and brainstorm possible solutions for your digital strategy. Through this, you can start developing the smallest capacities you want from your digital product.

In the initial phase, it is not important that you have answers to everything; However, when working with a company that listens and asks relevant questions early on, you can start the project on a solid footing and point you and the project in the right direction.

They push back

Digital product creation is part art, part science and collaboration is the key. Much of the success will be hypercritical and willing to tell the truth when something works or does not work. It is much better to have a disagreement along the way and a happy ending than a peaceful process that ends up with you disappointed.

After all, there is a lot to ride on the development of a digital product – both from a business and cost perspective. You can not waste valuable time and resources on a company that is not willing to push back. You want someone on your side who will offer the most strategic look to create the best possible product.

You can trust them to make your vision a reality

It is important that you find someone you can trust and who has experience that matches your vision. So it’s worth thinking about how good they are in the industry? What kind of clients have they worked with? Can they create similar solutions or results with your new product as they did others?

Qualities you should consider are:

  • A full service team – Digital product development never starts and ends with just the code. A full service team includes engineers who develop your app; a dedicated project strategist who ensures that your vision is implemented on time and budget; a designer who works to create a seamless and intuitive experience for your end user; and a QA tester double and triple check of the product.
  • Multiplatform development – From the beginning, you should know which devices your product is displayed on, and whether you need it to work across platforms. Are you focused on Android and iOS? Will it be online? You want a company that has deep experience in developing within its own technology, but with the adaptability to produce real multi-platform development if necessary.
  • Communication – It is important that you not only use the services of a team that works seamlessly with each other, but also communicates effectively with your operations. The whole digital product development process can take months, so you need a partner who will be open and communicative every step of the way. This will prevent errors, delays, errors or other problems from tracking the process.

A comprehensive team

To get the most out of a digital product, it must look good, have an intuitive interface and be technical sound both in the front and at the back. This takes a team of skilled engineers and developers with specialized focus, whether it is UI / UX design or cloud-based communication. Together, this team helps create an end product that works on all fronts.

But you do not want a company that only allows you to do what you want, since a demanding partner with a critical eye is more likely to help you reach the best possible solution for:

  • Strategy
  • Design
  • Creative
  • User experience

In the same way, it is crucial that your chosen company protects your budget. If someone is always looking for nickel and dime or charging, you are looking for a world of trouble. Ideally, your partner will always keep an eye on your budget and best interests!

They are creative and solution-based

If a company is not creative, the end product will probably not be able to blow away the end user. According to Clutch, “UX (User Experience) design needs to be creative to really connect with users. UX designers solve problems, and the only way they can do it effectively is to think of innovative solutions. ”

In a sea of ​​digital products, it is important that yours stands out. Both UX and UI involve adapting intuitive user-friendly and behavioral suggestions to the goals of the digital product. The more a developer can tailor the app to its intended use and the convenience of the target audience, the more success it will provide.

In addition, a creative company can help you find solutions that remember your business. Obstacles are inevitable – you need a partner who can help you walk over, under, around or through them. It all depends on what is the best answer to the given problem. Because it takes a team of people who think outside the box.

So when interviewing digital product development agencies, you need to check out your portfolio to make sure they have eye-catching, high-quality creative products across different platforms.

They break down the digital product development process

This is where the rubber meets the road – that’s why you hire a digital product developer in the first place.

By thoroughly understanding their app development process, you can ensure that the product is not only finished by the deadline, but that it exceeds your expectations.

At Big Nerd Ranch, for example, our overall process involves three critical stages (not including the first kickoff meeting). Once we’ve figured out what you want from the product and its features, we dive into phase one of the app development process:

  • Discovery – We thoroughly review and discuss your unique business needs to gain a better understanding of:
    • Team capabilities
    • Project requirements
    • Your needs
    • Your end users need

In addition, we will create a detailed roadmap that shows the product’s path. This will allow you to see what’s coming and better understand the work involved to get you from the idea to the finished product.

  • The Build Out – Depending on your internal resources, we either cooperate with you or take full control of the development. From prototype to MVP, to usability testing, to launch, we maintain an open line of communication with your team.
  • Go to the market – The work does not end the moment we give you the finished product. We make sure that the launch to the relevant app stores or hosting platforms is as smooth as possible. In addition, usability testing will continue after launch to ensure that you receive important feedback and data analysis.

Big Nerd Ranch – Experts that you will actually like to work with

The product development process can take many months, if not years. So it’s not only important that you look for a company that takes a holistic approach, but that you also find help from digital product development services which you will enjoy working with.

Big Nerd Ranch is the premier trip to everything from design and development to major digital transformations. Our corporate culture is rooted in a people-first mentality. We make it our mission not only to get to know your company and its goals well, but to maintain lasting working relationships along the way. This means that you take the time to get to know the employees better.

Simply put, we love what we do and the people we work with. The biggest obstacles are our most compelling puzzles. We’re nerds, remember? So if you are looking for a digital product development agency, then welcome to Ranch.


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