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What we do not want to see at WWDC 2019

Apple's worldwide developer conference is still more than a week away, and as usual, the internet is about to predict what to see – or what people like like will see (including this) during the next big Apple keynote.

But even with a two-hour song and dance, Apple can't show everything that it's on. Not just because it's simply not time, but also because not all of the company's active development is ready for prime time. Some things just won't make the cut, inevitably spawn a deluge of posts about "I can't believe Apple didn't show [X]" or "No [Y]?" Lame! "Or the ever popular" Apple is doooooomed. "

Let's sip some of those who are in bid by running down a quick list of things that Apple is unlikely to acquire the stage time in San Jose. Next week, call back for the forecasts of what Apple will talk about

Non-Mac hardware

WWDC can be a difficult event to squeeze on hardware, some years getting iMac and iPads, other years you get nothing But I can say with some conviction that if you expect Apple to release an update to your favorite device and this device does not have "Mac" in its name, but this is probably not when it happens.

  ipad iphone ios12 Apple

Don't expect a new iPhone or iPad to be introduced at WWDC

Maybe it doesn't mean any new iPhone, I know, I know: you didn't even think about it. Though it is set aside that the iPhone is now a device launched in the fall, they are n complete lack of supply chain leaks that now seem to always follow a new iPhone production, reinforced that no new smartphone is close.

A release of new iPads also seems unlikely as the company upgraded the low end of the tablet this spring, while new Pro models came only in the fall. All of these were recently revised to be updated this soon. Certainly in rare cases, the company has updated units in less than a year, but this does not seem very likely this time.

And while the latest version of watchOS will undoubtedly get some love on stage, don't expect New hardware on that front either. After the original Apple Watch has matured for half a year, the company has shown that they are quite comfortable with a yearly autumn update cycle for the smartwatch.

Likewise, the Apple TV set and HomePod. Although both can get some software enhancements to the operating systems, it does not seem well targeted to WWDC's primarily developer audience to deserve discussion here.

And even though it has "Mac" in its name, this speed in this week bumps to the MacBook Pros gives quite a stroke of evidence that no further updates to the company's professional laptops are waiting in their wings .

Non-gaming services

Apple spent a lot of time talking about services at its Mars event, and with so much time dedicated to them, it's hard to believe that the company will spend a lot of energy on the same topic under the next main theme . Apple


Apple will probably not have a specific portion of its WWDC main note addressing its services (which were unveiled in March), but the keynote will be peppered with references.

That is definitely the case with the TV + service. Apple showed exactly what it would be in the March event – even though it wasn't what many would see – and WWDC is not the right place for further streaming of television announcements. Although I would not rule out a reminder that TV + is coming later this year, expect the real focus on the company's streaming service to come in the fall.

The same goes for News +, which is likely to do something for the successful launch (it doesn't matter what the goals are, Apple will obviously find a way to describe it as a success) and possibly small improvements to the programs related for software updates. Do not look for the company to switch, for example, the subscription business model this soon after its launch.

Pies in Heaven

While WWDC is always an opportunity for Apple to take a macroscopic look at its business, the company has also proven that it can hold an event pretty much when it is bright and get a lot of pressure. So while there are everlasting rumors that working on amazing new products such as magnified goggles or a self-propelled car, the WWDC is not the place for them. More so far, Apple is just not ready to showcase these projects yet. For example, while newer Apple products have been the subject of early announcements, HomePod and Apple Watch were both well discussed before they were available – both of these devices were subject to increasing rumors that led to their respective announcements; No such impending buzz has circled around any of Apple's current advanced projects. There is no reason to spend time on them, especially when there is no lack of genuine material announcements to discuss.

A Personal Note

Finally, in a rare personal note, this week marks my 200th Stay Foolish column, which debuted back on April 30, 2015. How long ago was it? Well, in my very first piece, I wondered if Apple's upcoming TV streaming service, which of course still has not been officially released after this writing. (The first column also contained an instant Play of Thrones reference to startup.)

It has been a joy to write this column every week over the past four years, and a large part of it Are you all Out there reading it, tweeting me with thoughtful feedback and discussing it on podcasts and blogs. Thank you for reading, and here are another two hundred (at least).

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