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What you don't usually do is now easily done on your Mac

  Manage NameExt Here's a blast from the past. Remember file extensions? Of course not. You are a Mac user. But if you remember DOS or came from Windows, file extensions were the norm.

Interestingly, file extensions are the norm on the Mac, but Apple prefers to hide them in OS X because you know, Apple. If you have no money to spend on an expense reminiscent of Microsoft and the 1

980s, try ManageNameExt. Move on. It is free.

What you get for trouble is a Mac tool that lets you manage the name and extension of the files. Big hi, right? Wait! There's more! ManageNameExt is aimed at extensions but also allows you to rename a lot of files, change the prefix and suffix (and why is there just one & # 39; in prefix, but two & # 39; f are in suffix?), Add numbers, replace characters during rename process.

Not bad for free, huh? And it is relatively easy to set up and use.

 Manage NameExt

Use ManageNameExt to rename a folder of files and manipulate the names just about anything you can think of in capital letters, replace characters, even change the file change date (which really destroys the NSA ghosts they rifle through your Mac files, and you know they do it while you sleep, right?).

Mac users can choose from a variety of tools that rename files and change extensions, but few are free and simple, and ManageNameExt are both.

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