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What's the better offer? : Apple watch

Hello everyone,

I recently got the itch to get me an Apple Watch S4 … and wondered what to do if I really got one. I'm going to HK at the end of August and wondered what would have been a better deal?

It's $ 3399HKD (~ £ 345 now) at the HK Apple Store, compared to £ 429 at the UK Apple Store. (> $ 100USD difference) Is this a deal that won't get any better? Or would wait for a possible announcement of an S5 mean that prices in the UK will push the S4 prices to match what I can get in HK now or even lower? (Other retailers maybe? Although a quick search shows me that they are all selling at the same price as Apple) Or do I even try my luck with Black Friday? I have never paid any attention to Apple Watches until it has no idea what is typically selling for them, so any help or insight will be appreciated!

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