"When I look out at the nearby Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, ​​I can already tell you that it will bring perhaps the most varied range of smartphone shapes, sizes, designs and specifications we have yet to see. MWC 2019 will be defined by this diversity, with companies stretching on the edges of conventional design to try to come up with an original idea, a sensational concept or just a good old gimmick that will separate their product from the rest, "Vlad Savov writes for The Verge. "Simply put, things are going to be weird."

"During the many years I've attended the MWC, I've also noticed two primary development paths for most phone manufacturers. Path A is copying Apple. Let's just be in advance. Copying iPhone is how Samsung, Xiaomi and Huawei ̵

1; the three others in the four world's largest smartphone manufacturers, next to Apple – started, and it has served many other companies well, "Savov writes. "Sti B is striving to be first and foremost irrelevant. This approach assumes that the consumer is unclear, easily distractable and dissatisfied with only incremental improvements. The more dramatic the novelty and the more visually appealing and appreciably different it is the better. "Therefore, the introduction of the Galaxy Fold headline this week."

"After the big redesign of the iPhone with the iPhone X, Apple didn't really make much of an overhaul of its smartphone in the fall of 2018, writes Savov." 2019 is a path B year type. "

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MacDailyNews Take: Path A is a way of forcing the world's ignorance. Path B never seems very good, anyway, get ready for someone goofball Android rubbish!

Google Android before and after Apple's iPhone:

 Google Android before and after Apple's iPhone

Mobile phones before and after Apple iPhone:

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