"At the beginning of the month, there was a lot of optimism about the US and China that came into a trade agreement, writes Bret Kenwell for TheStreet." A Twitter rant from the president put these assumptions on hold and infused a new battle for market volatility . "

" So far, US stocks have handled the news quite well, while stocks such as Amazon, Netflix and Facebook are doing their best to keep up, "writes Kenwell." But the Apple stock hasn't been as resilient, partly because in Unlike the other three companies that just mentioned, much more exposure to China. "" $ 1

85 served as support in March while the Apple Warehouse was gaining momentum over the 200-day moving average. Having come from a record high near $ 215 in a pretty real selloff, stocks again found support of $ 185 – and again just during the 200 days, Kenwell writes. "This time, the 200-day resistance worked and $ 185 finally failed after a week of support … Look for Apple stock to recover $ 185 and $ 191, or see if it works down to $ 175."

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple shares are already for sale. $ 175 would be a deep discount sale!