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Where do you search for documentation? : iOS Programming

I’m trying to get into iOS development for a project, and I’m really struggling to find the API I need to use for each part.

WWDC calls are good, but only useful for the new APIs, for example, I have to look at WWDC 2004 to get information on how to use the Bluetooth API, which I guess has changed quite a bit since.

The official documentation is basically only good if you are already familiar with all the concepts (which are not described anywhere).

There are only so few things on StackOverflow, and society has quite a few disk servers.

Basically, I looked at two things:

  • Is there a way to completely block trackpad movements on a particular app? (I know the whole system can be disabled, but I just want it on my app). Disabling one- and two-finger gestures works well with #prefersPointerLocked, but I did not find anything else (and no information that this is possible or impossible)

  • How to properly listen to the trackpad and right-click? I’ve been able to use the GameController API, but I do not make any games, so it feels very hacky. I’m pretty sure safari doesn’t use this API for the context menu. Listening to touch only tells me that the input is indirect, but there is no difference between a left or a right click.

So if you are able to tell me about these two things, I would be happy, but can you also tell me where I could have looked to get the information by myself?

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