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Which Apple devices will be released this week?

There have been all sorts of recent rumors, several of them conflicting, related to Apple devices coming this year. Although it seems almost certain that this year’s standard iPhones will arrive in October, with the Pro models coming sometime in November, there are still many other devices waiting in the pipeline. When will they show up? Will any of them come this week?

Traditionally, this will be the release window for the iPhone, but there is no mystery as to why it will be delayed in 2020. A worldwide pandemic will destroy pretty much everything, and technical release plans are no exception. Thanks to a tweet from Jon Prosser a few weeks ago, there is still high confidence that Apple will release something or things in September.

Then we also have a new prediction from Prosser just this morning:

Based on this, it seems that we do not have to wait long after the long weekend for Apple to get the ball rolling.

So we have a couple of September unit forecasts by Prosser in their first tweet. Normally I would just go with what he says, and that would be it, but there’s a little more to it this time. First, there is some conflict over the Apple Watch prediction, as mentioned Apple leaker @ L0vetodream dropped this past week:

While my gut instinct is to dismiss this, L0vetodream also has a pretty impressive overview of accuracy. Still, Prosser beats close to 1,000 in terms of release dates, so this one will be interesting. Personally, my money is still on the Apple Watch arriving this week based only on the situation. Apple will want to spread its releases a bit, as there is more than just iPhones left to release before the end of 2020.

Then we move on to the iPad. Or are they iPads? That’s the main question, as most leaks appear to be lined up behind an iPad Air with iPad Pro-like features falling next week. Both Jon Prosser and Mark Gurman have predicted the arrival of this device, so it looks pretty good. I’m excited about this, because I think that such a device that is priced on the right, can surpass the base model iPad as the bestseller in the series.

What about the base model iPad? There was a report from 91mobiles last week, but it did not seem to add up. It featured an advanced iPad with Face ID, iPad Pro design and second generation Smart Connector. I do not think there is any way that a $ 329 iPad can be profitable with these features, and I really do not think Apple is going to leave the very successful opening price point.

However, even if this design leak is incorrect, it does not mean that an iPad will not come. Several iPad records were recently filed with the Eurasian Economic Commission, so I still would not be surprised to see a low-end iPad fall on Tuesday or Wednesday. I just do not think it will be more than a specification.

So what else is coming? After some patent applications were published last week, I have a strong suspicion that we will also see the new AirPods Studio over the earphones that were announced this week. I would not be entirely surprised if Apple kept them until October, but Apple usually requests that the publication of patent applications such as these be delayed until near or on the device’s release date. It points to this week, in my opinion.

Next up on the miscellaneous list are Apple’s AirTags tracking devices. Honestly, I do not have an opinion in one way or another about them. According to most Apple analysts, they should arrive before the end of the year, but there has been no specific prediction that they will fall this week. This one could go both ways. Let’s be honest – although I like to buy one or two of them to keep up with important equipment, this filler is compared to many of the devices that will be released soon.

Another smaller device that is specifically predicted to close in 2020 is the HomePod 2 or HomePod Mini. There have been enough reports and rumors to feel pretty good about this time. As with AirTags, however, there has been no specific indication of when it will arrive. Like AirTags, this device has low priority enough that it really does not matter when it arrives. Again, this one could also go both ways.

So what’s left now? Other than the mythical resurrection of AirPower, which only Jon Prosser has talked about, the only remaining element is the case of Apple Silicon Macs. The company is committed to releasing something this year at WWDC, and there have been rumors about which devices we will see. However, I do not see this happening until Apple has a streamed event, and no one predicts more than press releases for devices coming this Tuesday. Apple will want to talk about their new hardware, and it will release in October and / or November, along with iPhones. So do not get the hope of a new Mac this week.

So what are my personal predictions? Based on absolutely no sources at all, I think we’ll get two models of Apple Watch, Series 6 and Apple Watch SE, iPad Air and AirPods Studio this week. I think we would have heard something if the AirTags or HomePod 2 releases were imminent, and again I can not imagine Apple releasing its new Macs without more than a YouTube video and a press release.

These are my predictions, and I stick to them. What do you think Apple will release this week? Let me know in the comments section below or on Twitter @iPadInsightBlog.

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