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Which upcoming Apple product are you most excited about?

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The next few months are very busy for Apple as the company has a bunch of products in the pipeline to be launched. Aside from the iPhone 12 series, this includes the Apple Watch Series 6 and a cheap Apple Watch Series 3 replacement, AirTags, iPad Air, Apple Silicon-based Macs, over-ear headphones and more. Which product launch are you most excited about?

iPhone 12

It goes without saying that the iPhone 1

2 series will be the highlight of Apple’s product launches due this year. Apple is expected to launch four new iPhone 12 models this year, with all AMOLED panels and 5G connectivity. They will also have a new iPad Pro-like design and come with improved cameras. Apple will also offer the new iPhones in three different screen sizes – 5.4 inches, 6.1 inches and 6.7 inches – which should make many consumers happy.

Apple iPhone 12 Pro renders all Apple Pro

Apple Watch Series 6 and cheap Apple Watch

It is rumored that the Apple Watch Series 6 comes with a faster and more efficient chip and offers improved health tracking features, including oxygen monitoring of blood and improved ECG capabilities. In addition to the new Apple Watch Series 6, Apple is also expected to launch a cheap Apple Watch that will be the replacement for the $ 199 Apple Watch Series 3. Given the price tag, this laptop is only expected to have heart rate tracking and miss out on other advanced health tracking measurements like ECG and blood monitoring of oxygen.

New iPad Air

There’s a massive iPad Air update around the corner that sees Apple bring its iPad Pro design language to the iPad Air. If rumors are anything to go by, the new iPad Air has a frameless design, a larger 10.8-inch screen, Face ID, USB-C, although it only comes with a simple camera setup at the back to keep the price in check.

Apple Silicon Macs

Apple announced at WWDC this year that they are dropping Intel processors for Macs and instead transferring the entire platform to their custom Apple Silicon chips. This is a big deal, as Apple’s A-Series chips are known for their energy efficiency and raw horsepower. With Apple Silicon, Apple can offer MacBooks with real 24-hour battery life with no performance penalty.

There are rumors that Apple launched an updated 24-inch iMac and either a redesigned 13-inch MacBook Pro or 12-inch Retina MacBook with Apple Silicon before the end of this year.


AirTags have long been in development at Apple, and it was expected that they themselves would debut last year. That did not happen, but it is likely that we will see Apple release AirTags to the public this year along with the iPhone 12 series in October. AirTags are tracking codes similar to Tile that will integrate with Apple’s Find My app and help users track lost or stolen items.

Over-ear headphones, smaller HomePod

Apple has reportedly been working with its headphones over the ear for a long time now. It was rumored that they would start last year themselves, but then fell off the radar. Similarly, after the HomePod failed, Apple is reportedly working on a cheaper, smaller alternative to its Siri-powered smart speaker. Although there have been many and few leaks about these products, a Bloomberg report suggested that Apple could launch these two new audio products this year.

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