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Who Am I by NEEDTOBREATHE on Apple Music

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In the spring of 2020, in the midst of a global health pandemic, South Carolina rock group NEEDTOBREATHE co-founder Bo Rinehart left the band he started with his brother 20 years earlier, just before the release of their seventh full-length studio album, Out of the body. But no fear – the band is known for committing to recording rising arena-rock songs, a tradition they still have as a trio. “Out of the body is about getting past the ego and the anxiety and all the things that come with growing up, ”NEEDTOBREATHE lead singer and lead songwriter Bear Rinehart tells Apple Music about the band̵

7;s last chapter without his brother Bo. “I have some young children. This is the first one I have made a record with children. When they enter a room, they are just completely vulnerable and open, and I love that. I want more of it in my life. The hunger for sincerity runs throughout the album, from the famous bluesy gospel of “Survival” to the tough southern rock ballad from “Seasons” and the ravaged, rowdy and rooty “Riding High.” “Our band always feels like we’re telling parts of a redemption story. It can be personal or spiritual, but we always talk about the tough parts of the journey, not the end, ”Reinhart explains. “I feel like this album is a companion for times that are not good, or times you ask questions of yourself.” Below he discusses each song on Out of the body, track by track.

Mercy’s Shore
“I wrote this song with Tyler Burkum, a guitarist we have collaborated with over the years, but never written with before. We built this song based on this idea of ​​what it is like when a child sleeps in their car when they get home, how a parent or loved one takes them in, there is full confidence, and they do not wake up. Everyone either has children or at least remembers being a child when it happened and how sweet it was. The song is about the realization that we all need someone. It is amazing that children have it innately, and it takes us a lifetime to find out. “

“This was fun. It’s probably the song that has existed the longest, and it was a trick to get straight into the studio. We recorded this song about four different times in different ways. It sounded like a Queen song or something at first. We wanted ‘Alive’ to have that spirit to run downhill – you can not continue to run so fast when you get to the bottom, but there is freedom to it. That was what we were trying to capture. ”

I approached it and thought about things I experienced in life – the first things, the first kiss and the first sunset. What was it about them that made them so special? I think a lot of it was how open and vulnerable I was to the experience more than the experience itself. To me, it’s a reminder of what it takes a moment to influence you – you also have to show up. “

Survival (feat. Drew & Ellie Holcomb)
“Drew and Ellie are some of our oldest friends. We thought Ellie’s voice would sound crazy on this track. We have collaborated live before, but never on the record, and it has always been a ballad. There’s a really nervous energy around it. This is where we are most comfortable: southern rock, blues rock, some gospel. That’s what comes easiest to the band, that mood. And in my opinion, Ellie steals the show. ”

Child Again
“Someone asked me this question: ‘When do you feel you are the best?’ It took me a long time to think about it. Sometimes I forget on stage where I am, I’m just in the flow of the moment. I give myself completely to the songs. It’s crazy for me to say like a really serious person. this song is about: losing some of the critical attitude I have, the seriousness I have, and going into things in a more childish way. “

Out of the body
“Our perception of ourselves is so different from others. More often than not, people think much more of us than we do. The idea of ​​’Out of Body’ for me is when you go beyond uncertainty and trust it and ask, ‘How do you see yourself the way they do?’ It’s easy for me to say, to go back to the kids, because they can do anything, and I still love them. I really want to feel like I have that kind of love in my life. And it is outside my body and outside my experiences and outside the armor that I have set up through all these years. ”

Who am I
“Love – the real thing – is accepted for who you are. It’s the biggest fight for most people. It’s a struggle for me, because it also says, ‘I want to be loved, I need to be loved,’ and then there’s a kind of confession in there, and it’s strong. I think people have already interpreted the song in many different ways, and I do not want to take it from them, but I approached it just surprised, honestly, at how much love I have in my life. “

“My wife had this phrase that I did not adopt when we first got married – she was like, ‘You live in madness.’ She is a very strong, independent woman and has always been smarter than me and works harder than me and I think so [the phrase is] a metaphor for being supportive but not in the way. The truth is, she does not necessarily need me, but she can use me sometimes. That was what I was trying to write. ”

Riding High
“I’m a big Black Crowes fan. I never hid it. We wanted to do something more of what we call ‘jingle jangle’ on the record. [Stuff like The] The Rolling Stones, that kind of soul rock thing. Sometimes we call it ‘maraca rock’. ‘Riding High’ was one of those where only the band played it live in the room. The lyrics [‘Bad decisions/They don’t feel bad at the time’], we laughed at it. I remember when we wrote it, we were on our way, and we were like, ‘It just sounds so redheaded and ridiculous,’ but that’s also the spirit of the song. It is fun. As serious as this record is, I think this song is an easy moment to be like, ‘A little rebellion is okay.’ “

The bottom of a heartache
“I have many friends who have gone through a crazy time, and I think some people’s advice for that scenario is the worst. It’s always like, ‘Well, just move on. Find someone else. ‘ The song really talks about how you sometimes need to take a break and make sure you are well. Relationships do not fix anything in you. ”

“‘Seasons’ is about a story that a friend of mine told me. He and his wife had all kinds of problems with adoption and some fertility things. They had been through years with this. He said he came home one day and that his wife was crying on the kitchen floor. She’s like, ‘I can’t take this anymore. It’s just too much. ‘He was like,’ You know what, I’m not going to work again until we find out. We [need to] get our priorities together and basically know that we are not going to live up and down with the seasons. ‘I do not know if I have ever written a song that came out of a direct story like that, but I feel that it is very powerful for many people. As the world goes, we should all fight as hard as we can. The band has undergone many changes. My brother left the band. Therefore, we wanted to set the record in this way. It’s like, ‘Man, we’re in a time where we all have to lean on each other.’ This is what we are going to do. ”

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