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Why do doctors immediately reject the Apple Watch features?

I know it will not be as accurate as their machines, but it is the next best thing. I only ask because last week I had 12 AF alerts from my watch (I was sick the day before my first alert). I felt my heart beating through my chest and my resting heart rate was around 90 bpm, and anytime I went anywhere my heart rate would go up to 120 – 130 bpm. Then the doctors called and were booked for an ECG 5 days later. Regardless, after a few days, my heart rate slowly came down and closer to my normal levels. ECG was yesterday and everything seems fine, which is good, but I have seen 3 different doctors during all this, and they rejected all the Apple Watch features and told me that it was not good and should not be taken on seriously. I do not get it! To me, all this extra data can help doctors with a half-decent story of what happened. But no .. they would not even look at my statistics in the health app. Is the clock really that bad? Or do doctors need to embrace technology a little more ???

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