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Why does Apple Safari not work on important websites?

A specific large news page is useless in Apple Safari on macOS unless Javascript is disabled. But Javascript is quite indispensable on most websites, so it is not really a solution. I’ve tried everything I can think of. It is remarkable that a large website will give up traffic with such poor design.

But maybe it’s more than that – maybe it’s Apple. A very important site for me for the last 8 weeks is PurpleAir.com due to all the forest fire and dangerous smoke. But when I click through to the map on PurpleAir.com, all I get is a blank page in Apple Safari.

One solution that sometimes works if I go directly to the map page is to get “Failed to initialize WebGL“And I can then click on Use an alternate map. So in general I am forced to use Google Chrome.

Below is today a good day for us at AQI 56 or so … last week 4-5 awful days were limited inside a dangerous AQI of 1

80 or so.

Air Quality Index (AQI) map, PurpleAIr.com

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