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Why I Don't Miss the MacBook Pro After Switching to iPad Pro 12.9 "

About a month back, while I shut down my 12.9 "iPad Pro mind for a handy multitasking guide for the YouTube channel, I felt like I was spending more on exploring iOS, and after a little thought I realized that iPad could play an important role in helping me stay in sync with every subtle change that Apple continues to add to the operating system.

As a full-time blogger, I have to search extensively on the web and note down thought-provoking ideas as they come together. The search goes far beyond the regular working hours and ends deep in the night, this extensive research also seemed to push me to embrace a more portable and interactive device.

To achieve my goal, I decided to spend more time on the iPad ̵

1; even during the tight schedules, however, I couldn't keep up the promise, as my MacBook Pro with Touch Bar would gobble up almost all the time I had, and the board was unable to get much attention t despite sitting on the same desk – in full readiness.

When the first option did not deliver the type of result I had expected, I was thinking of using iPad as my daily driver hit me Just when I was playing with this idea, my inner self asked, "Can the iPad Pro replace the MacBook?" Speaking the truth; The rod seemed to be heavy on the tablet. But I decided to give it a shot, no matter what.

And after using the new iPad Pro for a month, I'm eager to share my account with you. Here's what I've experienced, both the good and the bad!

Why New iPad Pro 12.9 "Has Replaced MacBook Pro

More Interactive and Approximately

The One Department where the iPad Pro works far better than the MacBook is the interactivity. Thanks to the large edge of the edge touch screen, iPad feels more approximate and interactive.

Keeping the distraction at bay makes the iPad more focused, as I like to explore search articles and scan through vital points of my own pace – from the comfort of the sofa to the long backyard ride – the tablet fits my needs pretty well.

When I want to get in the action, the whole screen along with all the content seems to be just a touch away, and I can play with everything with more freedom.

While many will have support for mice and even the trackpad for navigation, I don't personally miss them. When I can use my finger to smoothly interact with everything, why do I need to use something else?

Besides, if I ever want to be more k Reactive or annotate PDF files, Apple Pencil 2 is always readily available to let me sketch not only pictures but also ideas skillfully. The tablet really feels more intuitive.

Full-On Multitasking

Honestly; I had never before used most multitasking. But after switching to the new iPad Pro, I love it all.

Like Split View, Slide-Over and PiP Mode, I can shoot up four apps at once. During browsing, I like to keep my favorite notes just a look away, so I can quickly write down something very important. That's when Split View comes into play very well, as it lets me seamlessly jump from one app to the other.

Many times I have to watch videos and put down important points at once. Thanks to PiP Mode, I can do both things at once, more comfortably, without having to jump from one end to the other. These little things save a lot of my valuable time and increase productivity.

Not to mention the super unique swipe movements that add a whole new dimension to the way I work at my job on the iPad.

Using swipe gestures, I can instantly switch between the open apps, take a look at the nearby apps without having to dive into them, keep group programs together as long as I want and what not.

While I've always liked to use Drag and Drop on Mac, I like to use it more on the iPad. Again, it is the smart smooth stretch movements that make it possible to drag and drop things from one place to another, incredibly easy and straightforward. And that's what makes the iPad more productive than the MacBook.

Organized File Manager

Contrary to what most reviewers have said, I find the file management system on iPad completely rootless. And I have a couple of valid reasons to prove my point:

IOS is primarily designed to make file management less painful. It's a little automated and you don't have to worry about where to put your stuff as each app is able to handle its own data. So, there is less chance of chaos hijacking the entire home screen or destroying the entire device.

The second, The Files app is more than good enough to let you handle your documents and almost everything effectively. Furthermore, you can set up iCloud, Dropbox and other supported shooting services to access your files effortlessly and keep them perfectly organized across the devices.

Elegant fit for more needs

Although it may seem a little hyperbolic, I find the iPad capable of accommodating more needs than the iPhone and Mac. In short, it's pretty much like an all-rounder that can do most good.

If I was to pick up a device that could let me get the most out of games, increase my media time, control smart home devices, write articles and edit photos and videos for sharing on social media, I'd love to go with iPad Pro . It just explains the versatility of the iPad.

Of course, it takes a few days and even a few weeks to get used to the iPad. But once you've mastered the bag of tricks, you'll (kindly) become addictive to the board.

But again there is no such thing as perfect in the world. And iPad Pro is no exception to this rule. Although I have experienced many disadvantages during my monthly use, I would mention a few shortcomings.

Lack of Desktop Class Web Browser

Safari for iOS works fast and makes your browser safer than its peers. However, it is still more suited to sophisticated web browsing and lacks the ability to deliver a desktop class experience.

As with third-party browsers such as Chrome and Firefox, they also do not have the skills to live up to the pros demand.

You can claim that iOS has an alternative to requesting the desktop version of a site, but it is still not enough, since you will not have access to everything. To be honest; It seems a little frustrating, at times.

With the A12X chip and the upgraded RAM, the iPad can easily run a full browser. Despite having such robust hardware, the tablet still uses a mobile browser. There is nothing but a paradox in itself.

No multi-user interface

I don't think the lack of "guest mode" is a big issue, but it's worth considering. Many times I have to transfer the iPad to my colleague or even a family member – with a heavy heart. And every time I hand over the device, I want it to be a multifunctional interface so that I could only allow selected items and keep all my more personal stuff at a reasonable distance.

I guess I'm not the only one asking for guest mode on the iPad. The good thing is that Apple can easily make it happen. So, that is the question of when and not how.

Before you unpack, I would like to mention one thing: Wouldn't it be better if there was an option to connect the USB-C hard drive so that files can be imported directly to the iPad? Yes, it would be useful for many reasons. Despite no technical limitation, Apple failed to bring this functionality on board.

Speaking the truth, I have not badly missed it, but I think it would be given once in a while.

Don't get me wrong … MacBook Pro is a masterpiece. But the iPad Pro is unique in its own way …

Having given a shot to the iPad Pro 12.9 "as long as my main device, I have come to the conclusion that the iPad is designed for a particular purpose. It's more vivid, approximate And elegant, and if you want a device that fits most of your needs, you can't go wrong with it.

Remember, iPad can't yet be the full replacement for a laptop, even the MacBook Pro But again, everything depends on what your requirement is.

With the robust hardware already in place, I expect the iPad to break most of the boundaries and even scale more new heights, and I wouldn't be surprised if the tablet itself becomes the biggest challenger to the MacBook in the near future!

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