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Why iPod touch is still completely relevant

iPod touch exists for the use of waiters, warehouse staff, delivery personnel and anyone else if the employer wants them to use an iOS device as a handheld computer at work. That's why it's just been an update, and that's probably why it doesn't – and never will – change its size or shape. It's a utility computer. Making it a full screen, buttonless iPhone little is meaningless. Adding Touch ID is just as useless when used by multiple people.

But that doesn't mean it's not a great entity for anyone else either. If you need an iOS computer, you should buy it. Musicians are a good example of potential users. Let's see why the iPod Touch is still great.

An iPhone lite

  How we did iPhones before 2007.
How we did iPhones before 2007.
Photo: Charlie Sorrel / Cult of Mac

The original iPod touch was amazing. I used one for several years instead of an iPhone. Then there were no prepaid SIMs with data plans where I lived. I refuse to buy a phone on contract, so the only way to get an iOS device was iPod touch. I djayed parties from it, read novels, and even took dirty pictures (the one weakness was the poor camera quality of early models). Also, it was always much thinner and lighter than the simultaneous available iPhones.

And it was cheap. After a great impromptu DJ session, where the other guests showed their gratitude with endless gin-and-tonics, I woke up the next morning with a massive pad on the back of the iPod touch, and a split screen on the front. I must have shifted and fell on something on my way home.

But because it is so cheap, relatively speaking, I could afford to go out and buy a replacement once, hangover and everything.

iPad mini mini

"It's best to think about the iPod Touch as a very small, $ 199 iPad," says Manton Reece, the developer behind Micro.blog. "I think the value for that price is better than any other Apple product."

The new iPod touch costs $ 199 for the 32GB model, which is too small for a regular pocket computer, but fine for use as a waiter's order pad. The 128 GB version is $ 299, and the 256 GB model costs $ 399. It's already on the iPad mini territory, so let's look at the basic model.

iPod touch for musicians

  Yes, it has a headphone jack. Yes, it has a headphone jack.

I am a musician and I use and iPad for all data related music. But sometimes all I need is a small device to record music or listen to a MIDI keyboard to (hard) play a piano.

At $ 199, an iPod touch could sit in the middle of a hardware rig, and always stay connected. You don't have to plug in your iPhone just to record an idea you had on the guitar. You do not need to disconnect the mini-brain of your studio when you leave the house. And you can use it as an Apple Music (or Spotify) jukebox that is always connected to large speakers.

In this case, 32 GB is fine. You are at home so you have Wi-Fi and maybe you already subscribe to a 1TB iCloud plan. You have all the storage you need, and because you don't stuff things with pictures and other cruft, 32 GB can actually be enough. In addition, with the iCloud drive, everything you create will be available immediately on your larger, more capable devices.

Less is more

Press ID? Not necessary. If it is usually at home, you can set a generous automatic lockout timeout, say an hour, and just wake it up with the home button. Or leave the screen on always if connected to a charger. Inductive charge? Pointless. Face ID? All-screen design? Ditto.

  It has a headphone jack and it comes in pink. What is not to love? "Width =" 2000 "height =" 1112
It has a headphone jack and it comes in pink. What is not to love?
Photo: Apple

And if you need to take it out to a concert, the lack of mobile connection is a boon: no disturbance. If it gets broken or stolen, then no big deal. And that's little. An iPad mini can be small, but unless you have dorky trousers, you can't carry it in your pocket.

It's not just for musicians. I picked just that because it's my interest. Whenever you can use a small, cheap iOS device, and you don't need the latest watches and whistles, watch the little iPod touch. It's still pretty good. And cheap.

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