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Why is syncing between iPhone and Apple Watch not good? : Apple watch

From the moment the message application says on my watch that I have 2 unread messages. I have reviewed the iPhone and found 0 unread messages, and I have looked through Apple Watch and found 0 unread messages. Also, why can't the iPhone and Apple Watch sync the messaging program together? All that's happening is the message sent to Apple Watch, and that's it. If you delete something on the iPhone, it stays on your watch. It doesn't do that on Mac, if you delete something on your phone, it will be deleted on your Mac.

Another great peeve of me is the quiet mode. Everyone knows that Do Not Disturb will turn on and off on both devices, so why not the ringtone? If you want to turn off the ringer on your watch, you have to do it manually by entering the control center on your watch. Why not just make the clock silent with your phone's call contact?

Another problem I have found is that Apple Watch does not always like to discover if you are using iPhone or not. I think it's cool how it won't send an alert to the clock if your phone is unlocked, but it doesn't do it for some reason. One of the apps I notice this with (probably because I get the most notifications from that app) is Snapchat. Although my phone is locked, it sends it to both my phone and my watch, which is annoying. I've tried factory reset countless times, believe me. Nothing works.

I would like to have my Apple Watch and iPhone to feel like a device. But nothing Apple has done with it, so does.

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