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Windows by the numbers: No dog days for Windows 10

Windows 10 rediscovered its share of appetite last month as it grew to represent nearly 70% of all instances of Microsoft’s operating system.

According to US metric vendors Net Applications, Windows 10 increased by 1.2 percentage points, reaching 60.6% of the global operating system share in August, accounting for 69.6% of all Windows editions. As usual, the second number is the more important of the two; August was 1.4 points higher than July.

Windows 10s percentage of only Windows PCs (it is 69.6%) was greater than the percentage of all personal computers (the 60.6%) because Windows does not run all systems. In August, the Windows operating system accounted for slightly less than 87% of the world̵

7;s personal computers, down only half a tenth of a point from July. Of the remaining 13%, all MacOS, Linux or Chrome OS ran except for four tenths of a percentage point.

When the Windows 10 share ticked up, Windows 7 fell.

The older operating system, which Microsoft dropped from the support list in January, lost a little more than one percentage point of the share of all PCs, and fell to 22.3%. That translated to just 25.7% of Windows PCs, down 1.1 points from July.

During the seven full months since Windows 7’s retirement from support, the operating system has lost 3.3 percentage points, corresponding to a decline of about 14%.

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