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WWDC 2019: How to see, what to expect, rumors and more

Apple has several events throughout the year, but the main two are the long-running introduction of new iPhones (usually in September) and the Worldwide Developers Conference this summer. Known as WWDC, the weekly event focuses on people who make all the apps and services we like on iPhones, iPads, Macs and Apple Watches.

WWDC is centered on developing sessions, but the week turns off with a great keynote presentation. Apple's top examples preview the company's upcoming operating systems and often show new products and services. Here's what we expect to see this year, as well as useful links to look at the recording itself. We will continue to cover all the hot news out of the WWDC beginning Monday, June 3.

How to view WWDC keynote online

The big ads from WWDC are made during the keynote presentation the first day. This year is June 3 at 10.00. Pacific.

You can look at Apple's WWDC page through Safari on a Mac, iPhone or iPad. If you have a Windows 10 PC, you can watch the stream using the Edge browser, but other browsers are not supported. With your Apple TV, you can review the Events app.

In addition to streaming the keynote, Apple will stream the entire conference, but sessions are primarily of interest only to developers. You must first sign up for an account on the Apple Developer Website. A developer account is not required to view June 4.

iOS 13

The most exciting things at WWDC are usually all the new features that come to the next version of IOS. With over one billion active devices worldwide, iOS is by far the most popular thing Apple does and one of the most popular consumer operating systems in the world.

  ios13 mockup Jason Cross / IDG

We expect big things from iOS 13. Hopefully it is as fast and stable as iOS 12.

We have heard many rumors about iOS 13 and what new features it will bring us, often from trusted sources such as Bloomberg's Mark Gurman. And we have our own wish list with features. Here is a brief summary of what we think we can expect, but there are always some surprises. If you want a more detailed breakdown, switch to our iOS 13 rumor article.

  • Dark Mode
  • Revamped apps: Health, Reminders, a combined Find friends and Find my iPhone app, files and more
  • Updated iMessage
  • Updated Maps
  • Better Parental Control
  • A New Sleep [19659015] CarPlay Improvements
  • Lots of iPad multitasking enhancements, including multi-window apps
  • Multi-user HomePod support
  • Lots of improvements to developer tools and framework conditions, such as ARKit, NFC and SiriKit.

macOS 10.15

This promises to be a very big year for macOS. Last year, Apple explained its plans for a project code name marzipan, where Mac developers will be able to create Mac apps with the same UIKit framework used for iOS apps, as well as the existing AppKit framework used today. [19659027] Apple gave us a first look at how this will look with four apps in MacOS Mojave: News, Home, Voice Recorder and Stocks.

In MacOS 10.15 (California landmark name not yet revealed), we will see improvements on these apps, along with a number of others. Expect a partial break-up of iTunes (finally!) With your own Apple Music, TV and Podcast apps to begin with.

  wwdc 2018 ios mac merge IDG

At WWDC 2018, Apple revealed Marzipan. Expect to see more about this project at this year's conference.

But the real reason to get excited about the marzipan in MacOS 10.15 is that Apple is expected to open it to all developers, making it almost as easy to turn an iPhone app into a Mac app as it is doing it to an iPad app. This can explode the available Mac software, and more importantly, make the Mac work better with Apple's much more popular mobile platform. The ability to use most of your favorite iPhone or iPad apps on your Mac is the kind of thing that can really boost Mac sales.

Rumor has it MacOS 10.15 will also allow you to use iPad as a secondary display. And Siri on Mac can finally get the ability to set alarms and timers. The Mac Mac Messages app is said to get some features from iOS, such as stickers and effects.

Apple Arcade and Apple TV +

Apple announced in March the Apple Arcade Subscription Gambling Service and said it would start in the fall. Apple's promise that the games can be played on iOS, Mac and Apple TV, makes us believe that they will be built as UIKit apps exclusively. Synchronization of progress between them will rely on new sub-encapsulation changes in MacOS 10.15 and iOS 13. [19659036] Apple Arcade Multiple Systems "width =" 1200 "height =" 784 "data-imageid =" 100792260 "data-license =" Supplied Art " /> Apple

We can hear about devleoping platform games for Apple Arcade, but a fixed release date and pricing is likely to come later.

We can hear more about Apple Arcade service in this context in particular (to make platform games), but we probably won't get a specific release date or price yet.

Apple TV + was also announced in the March event, but we're not likely to see a number of new Apple TV + programs announced at WWDC. Rather, it may be mentioned in passing as part of bringing the TV app to Mac in Mac OS 10.15 Siri

  ios 12 dumb siri IDG

Siri still can't do many things they should have mastered years ago.

We have not quite heard much in the way of Siri rumors that lead into the WWDC, Siri on the Mac is said to improve, but only by capturing features available on the iPhone. The SiriKit developer framework is said to have some new "intentions", which are the specific types of features that Siri can integrate with third-party applications.

But we have not heard of any of the major basic issues: Siri is getting better at understanding speech, working on a much wider range of services and providing a wider set of information to answer your questions. These are the areas where Alexa and Google Assistant are ahead and we hope Apple can demonstrate that it is, if not taken up, at least make the typical major improvements to Siri providing trust us in their future.

A new tile-like hardware product

Apple can announce a new hardware accessory at WWDC that works as Tile trackers do: using Bluetooth Low Energy to "ping" near iPhones in a privacy-protected fashion to let you know any object you associate with it.

This is meant to go along with a new all-in-one tracking program for both iOS and macOS that combines Find My iPhone with Find Friends.

  tile pro Tile

Apple can make his own version of the popular Tile tracker. It's not really a bad idea.

In other words, Apple will put all sporting features together into a single app and sell a piece of tracking equipment. Expect a great focus on how Apple protects your privacy and security with this.

Mac Pro and Pro Display

We first heard that Apple was working on a new Mac Pro back in 2017. Last year we got a bit Apple has confirmed that the new high-end desktop desktop Mac will be accompanied by a new Apple display.

  Mac Pro Mac Pro ” width=”700″ height=”468″ data-imageid=”100224452″ data-license=”IDG”/> IDG

The new Mac Pro will probably be bigger and more rectangular than the "Trash" model. But we probably can't expect the big, boxed "cheese grille" from the old days.

We don't know much about Mac Pro, except the fact that Apple seems to acknowledge that the "trashcan" design of The Current Model does not provide easy access, customization or upgradeability that Pro users require. Thus, the new Mac Pro is likely to be a somewhat more traditional design and more modular, though we do not think you should expect the kind of freewheeling mix-and-match hardware market for Windows drives.

As for the new Apple show, the latest rumors suggest that it can measure 31.6 inches with a wider aspect ratio and 6K resolution. It is said to incorporate "mini-LED" lighting, which should give it outstanding color and accuracy.

A new 16-inch MacBook Pro

It's a rumor that wraps around Apple and introduces a new MacBook Pro this year. a 16-inch model with a "brand new design." The new MacBook Pros are often presented at WWDC, so this may be the place. If the rumor itself is true, Apple may choose not to announce it if it's not very close to shipping, rather than revealing it later.

Apple just announced upgrades to the current 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pro models, giving them the latest Intel processors, but no other major design changes. It may be an indication that we cannot expect other MacBook news at WWDC. It can also be Apple's way of getting small updates out of the way to save time on the main theme for more substantial announcements.

Clearly, Apple is updating the existing MacBook Pros just before they change them with a new design, so if a New MacBook Pro is announced, expect it to have the typical significant design changes that will keep the company 15-inch the model on the market at the same time: an ARM-based Apple-designed CPU, a touch screen, things like that.

What won't be at WWDC 2019

If you're hoping for news about new iPhones, forget about it. Apple has a separate event to announce them, usually in September.

The company has also used its major September events to announce AirPods, and we expect that other generation AirPods or other mobile accessories will likely follow.

Apple watch is in the same boat. Each Apple Watch has been introduced during Apple's September event. We can hear about watchOS 6, but not new Apple Watch hardware.

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