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Xamarin iOS – HomeKit integration

I am working on an app that uses Xamarin.iOS. I need to add the ability to add accessories to HomeKit using the address that comes from an internal API (basically I get the address of the device using a web request). When I have this accessory setup code, I try to use the following API from HomeKit



especially API with the following signature AddAndSetupAccessories (HMAccessorySetupPayload, Action) but the action to be called upon completion is never called.

The only result I get is that my app tries to go in the background, but it stays fixed and becomes useless.

The only hint I get from the device log is this:

The HomeUIService Host app does not have the right ‘com.apple.homekit.private-spi-access’ or ‘com.apple.developer.homekit.allow-setup-payload’ – not allowed to add from URL!

but I have the right to Homekit added to my app. I can not find any documentation on the rights specified in the log message.

Has anyone experienced anything like this?

Thanks people

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