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Yo help (wifi proxy)

Hope it’s cool that I post this here, so I messed with my proxy and decided to use a little “hack” on a tweak ios apps tutorial (the guy who makes the videos was such a G) by configuring my proxy to automatically, then enter the URL that was entered. Apparently this was meant to prevent certificates from being revoked, but did not end up working for me. I then decided to “remove it” by deleting the url and turning my proxy on “off”. What’s cool is that I can not use the internet in any way, although it is clearly not wifi even because I use it rn.

(Do not really want to back it up and reset the device if I do not need it, so please leave some alternative solutions if possible)

Tutorial used: https://youtu.be/c26a1

2EJkJ8 URL used in proxy: http://ffapple.com/

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