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Yojimbo 4.5.1 – TidBITS

Only Bones Software has released Yojimbo 4.5.1, a maintenance update that fixes a bug where the information provider would create an older Web Archive element when creating a PDF snapshot. The release also withdraws the download window as “excess of requirements”

; (PDF archives from web pages are created immediately), improves the reliability of PDF archives created from web pages when the content of the page depends on JavaScript running, resolves a crash that occurred while synchronizing with a iPad when an item had a “pathological” long name, and streaks foreign line breaks and spaces from the beginning and end of the title of a web page when creating a PDF. Note that if you update from a version before 4.5 (see “Yojimbo 4.5”, June 25, 2020, you should be aware of the significant changes that have been made to data synchronization. ($ 30 new, free update, 7.9 MB release notes, macOS 10.13.6+)

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