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You can now ask your Uber driver to stay calm

Uber rolls out a new set of features for Uber Black and Uber Black SUV users. This means you can customize your Uber tour, so that's exactly the way you want it. Options include a quiet mode and temperature control, all of which can be requested via the app.

What is Uber Black and Uber Black SUV?

Uber Black and Uber Black SUVs are the premium opportunities open to Uber riders. They come with high-end cars, more professional drivers, and a superior luxury experience than you get with Uber X or Uber Pool. However, you pay more as a result.

This is where everything started for Uber, which was launched as a luxury car service available through a smartphone app. However, most Uber X or Uber Pool uses to save money, and Uber is now trying to counter it by upgrading the Uber Black experience.

How to use Uber's New Ride Preferences

Spearheading this bet is a new set of Ride Settings . These are selected before booking your Uber Black or Uber Black SUV tour and cannot be changed when booked. The three new options are a style mode Temperature Control and Luggage Assist .

Quiet mode means you can request that your driver basically stay quiet during your trip. Alternatively, you can state that you are happy to chat.

Temperature control means you can tell the driver if you want the car to be warm or cool. They can then adjust the heating or air conditioning accordingly.

Help with luggage means you can request extra palm with your luggage. Your driver will also know how to pull over a place so they can leave the vehicle.

In addition to these Ride Preferences Uber offers an extended pickup period and premium support for when things go wrong. It is also promising professionalism from a commercially licensed driver and consistent vehicle quality that ensures a comfortable ride.

How to Stay Safe Using Uber or Lift

The Upgraded Uber Black and Uber Black SUV Experience Will Be Available to Everyone in the United States May 15, 2019. Meanwhile, read our article pitching Uber vs. Raise and review our list of programs that will keep you safe while ridesharing

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