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You can now play travel on your iPhone

Journey is now available to play on iOS, with the PlayStation classic getting a surprise release on Apple's mobile platform. Journey is a fantastic game that feels like more than the sum of the parts, making it well worth playing on your iPhone or iPad.

What Is Journey?

Journey is an indie adventure game that first landed on PS3 in 2012. It has since been released on PS4 and Windows. It was created by Thatgamecompany, who also created Flow, Flower, and (in July 2019) Sky: Children of the Night.

Journey sees the player controlling a mysterious hooded figure traveling towards a distant mountain. Your goal is to reach the top of this mountain despite what you may encounter along the way. And telling you something else about Journey can ruin the game for you.

How to Play Journey on iOS

Journey is now available to buy on iOS, with developer Annapurna Interactive porting the game to Apple's mobile platform. It's not free, unfortunately, but for a small price quote you can play a game on your mobile that you will probably remember forever.

Haven't played the game on iOS though it is impossible to know how it actually plays on mobile. However, it is the type of game that should be well transferred to a touch screen device, as it is not particularly fast-paced or full of difficult maneuvers.

Download: Journey on iOS ($ 4.99) [19659002] Journey Is a Game Worth Experience

Journey is worth experiencing at least once. It was one of the first titles in the wave of video games that could really claim to be art. Although Journey is not the longest game in the world, the experience is likely to be with you long after the credits roll.

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