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You can't get the fastest Mac you can get

  Mac Pro To be fair, this title is somewhat of a pun, but it is probably true to take this basic fact into account. An old Mac Pro, which you can't get from Apple, is faster than Macs for the pros you can get from Apple.

Wait. What? How is it possible? Don't Macs get faster every year or two? How can a Mac not even produced for about five years be faster than today's latest Macs. Basically, there are two reasons. The first one is simple. Intel has trouble setting out faster chips in any form of a reliable schedule.

Oh, and Apple made a big mistake with the new generation Mac Pro.

Lies And Benchmarks

The amazing folks at Bare Feats-the Apple device lovers who love to test devices-have been busy recently; Testing of various Apple products to see which ones have that kind of power under what kind of conditions.

Just last week, Bare Feats ran a series of benchmark tests showing Apple's new iPad Pro models to be as powerful as the new MacBook Pro models. Uh oh Intel. Although Intel seems to slow down with CPU development and performance gains have become, indeed, incremental, Apple-designed CPUs in the iPad and iPhone are now different performance rivals.

OK, back to Mac Pro.

Just Feats again ran some references to an old Mac Pro, about 201

0 (yes, about seven years old), a new iMac with a 5k Retina display and the latest CPUs, and the latest generation Mac Pro, a medium-sized model from 2013. [19659002] Results?

A fully loaded aluminum 2010 Mac Pro with dual AMD Radeon GPUs inside, and a 12-core Intel Xeon, performed so well you think it was made last week. It also shows that Apple hasn't done much for Mac pro users in seven years.

Shame, Apple. Shame.

Ok, references are like lies, cursed lies and statistics that they don't tell the whole story. The iMac and new Mac Pro models use much less power. The new Mac Pro, circa 2017, was not in the mix, but references are probably similar. The testers also point out that the fully equipped iMac with quad core i7 CPUs inside is a pretty decent machine. The tests also show that the Mac Pro aluminum container has some benefits for those Mac users who could not find an old cheese grinder Mac Pro from 2013.

Only Feats benchmark tests also indicate that what we do with our Macs means something . You might like horsepower and bragging rights, but a completely tricked out Mac Pro from 2017 won't flatter or manage email better or do anything in Microsoft Office better than a $ 999 MacBook Air. If you need horsepower in the programs you use the most, it's there. But these references also point out that Intel's highly-spied Xeon CPU architecture, even though it runs every year or two, has not developed so much in recent years. At least, in references.

Oh, a correction. You can get the older aluminum cheese grates Mac Pro models that performed so well on Bare Feats & # 39; benchmarks. Not from Apple, of course. But they are available here and there on eBay and elsewhere.

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