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You may need to delete and recover iPhone if you see these errors – BGR

  • Apple published a new support document on the website informing iPhone owners that they need to reset and recover their phones if they encounter certain errors.
  • IOS 14 and watchOS 7 apparently came with a number of issues, including lack of route maps for exercise, unloaded health data, and increased battery life.
  • Whatever you do, back up your phone before deleting anything.

If you were wondering why Apple pushed out iOS 14.2 beta releases just hours after iOS 14 was released to the public, a new supporting document on the company’s website may provide an explanation.

On Wednesday, Apple released this support page that describes several issues that may affect iPhone and Apple Watch owners who upgraded to iOS 1

4 and watchOS 7. Errors in new software are not particularly uncommon, but the solution Apple proposes for users running on these issues is far more extreme than you expect.

First of all, these are the issues that iOS 14 and watchOS 7 users report after upgrading their devices:

  • Your workout charts are missing in the Fitness app on the iPhone for previous GPS-enabled workouts from Apple Watch.
  • Activity, heart rate, or other health-related apps are unable to launch or load data on the Apple Watch.
  • The Fitness app or the Health app cannot launch or load data on the iPhone.
  • The Health app or the Fitness app reports an inaccurate amount of data storage on the iPhone.
  • The activity app reports an inaccurate amount of data storage on the Apple Watch.
  • Your environmental volume data or the headphone volume data from the Apple Watch is missing in the Health app on the iPhone.
  • Increased battery life on iPhone or Apple Watch.

Some are more serious than others, but if you want them fixed, the process will be quite time consuming. According to Apple’s support page, if you’ve experiencing two or more of the issues above, the first step is to disconnect your Apple Watch from your iPhone, which you can do from the Watch app on your phone. When the clock is not paired, navigate to iCloud settings on your phone, make sure Health is turned on, then press iCloud backup. Press Back up now to start the process, because once your phone is backed up, you need to wipe the entire phone by going to General > Reset > Delete all content and settings.

Once the iPhone has been reset to factory defaults, you can start restoring it from the iCloud backup you created. This sounds like a nightmare to people who have these issues, but the good news is that iOS 14.2 will be out sooner rather than later, and will likely be pre-installed on all upcoming iPhone 12 models.

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