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You will not be able to purchase an iPhone 7 Plus tomorrow

Tomorrow is the iPhone 7 release date, with both standard 7 and greater 7 Plus on sale in a variety of colors, including the new Jet Black. I expect to see the same long queues outside Apple Stores, which always happens with the launch of a new iPhone, but there's only one problem, there will be no many, if any, iPhones to buy.

Thanks to the pre-order orders, the iPhone 7 Plus is already sold out. If you have not secured one until now, you're lucky. Ordering one today will see you join the back of the queue. The situation is not much better for iPhone 7. There are no Jet Black models left and all other colors will be available in very limited quantities.


Is this down to claim that Apple does not make enough smartphones for launch? Unfortunately, we will not be able to answer this question for this iPhone iteration. That is because Apple has decided not to share the first weekend sales figures as it has done before.

It does not make sense for Apple to target limited accessibility. It is more likely that if a handset is missing, it is caused by a production problem. You can rest assured that Apple will work very hard to get as many people as possible, but in the coming months.

With the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus probably sold out before this weekend is over, it's certainly good for Apple's "courage" to release the headphone jack. Even though early adopters adopt new gadgets anyway, right? The backlash without having a jack may seem slow and we will probably notice the first of how good non-Beats headphones sell.

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