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You will soon be able to stream Xbox games to iPhone

Soon you should be able to stream Xbox games to iPhone! Does this mean that Apple has loosened the restrictions in the App Store as anything other than banning any kind of game streaming service? Unfortunately not. Rather, an update to the Xbox app (which is currently in beta testing, as reported by The Verge) will allow users to connect and stream from their own Xbox home.

It’s a great new feature, but it’s not a cloud game.

xCloud versus home streaming


7;s xCloud game service, part of the Game Pass Ultimate subscription, lets users stream over 100 games directly from Microsoft’s cloud servers. This reduces latency and allows customers to play games without having to download and install them first. It also does not bind your Xbox hardware; another player can use it while streaming from the cloud, allowing co-op situations on the couch for games that usually do not have them, or two different games can be played simultaneously.

What comes to the new Xbox app is technically a virtual desktop – that’s how it is allowed by Apple’s rules for the App Store. You connect to the actual Xbox you have (over the same network or internet). Your Xbox will run as it normally does without the boot signal or light, compress the output of a video feed, and send it to the iPhone.

You see the whole Xbox home screen experience just as if you were using an Xbox. It’s like the iPhone is a wireless screen for your own personal Xbox. To play a game you have not installed, you must first wait for it to be downloaded to Xbox. And your Xbox will be “busy” while playing remotely, preventing others in the home from using it to play their own games or use streaming services. But at least your TV is not tied! This is exactly how the PS4 Remote Play app works.

The new Xbox app has a number of other improvements, including better speed and an updated design. It was just launched on Android and is in beta testing on iOS, so it will be launched soon.

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