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Your first Flutter app | raywenderlich.com

Both beginners and native iOS and Android developers no Flutter, Darts or previous developer knowledge required! This course guides you through building an app from start to finish.

If you are already an experienced iOS or Android developer, but do not have knowledge of Flutter and Darts, this course will get you up and running quickly.

You start by learning the basics of Flutter, an increasingly popular way for mobile developers to build apps targeted at both iOS and Android, and even desktop and web. Then you will master Flutter basics like widgets, variables and app mode. You will even learn to fix mistakes! You get a basic basic about coding to increase your app development skills. You want to add more cool functionality to your app and practice your new coding skills.

Finally, you will enhance your style by learning how to style your app!

This course is the first course in our Flutter Beginner Learning Path. While the course will cover Darts concepts as needed, you may also want to check out the second course in the learning path, Programming with Darts, to supplement your work in this course.

If you are an intermediate or advanced developer who is brand new to Flutter, you can zoom through this course at 2X speed and build the trial app. Then you are ready to dive even deeper into Flutter!

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