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Your free trial of Apple TV + will now last even longer – BGR

  • Apple TV + free trial of early users will have even more time to enjoy the streaming service without paying.
  • According to a series of reports, Apple is extending all free Apple TV + versions by up to three months for those who activated the campaign between November 2019 and January 2020.
  • Apple TV + free trial is still available for consumers who buy a new iPhone, iPad, Apple TV or Mac.

To expand the active user base of the platform as quickly as possible, Apple gave everyone who bought a new iPhone, iPad, Apple TV or Mac from September 2019 a free year with Apple TV +. The new streaming service was finally launched on November 1

, 2019, which means that everyone who took advantage of the campaign on day one, will see their free trial period expire at the end of October. But now it sounds like the trial is expanding.

According to reports from 9to5Mac and Rene Ritchie, Apple TV + free trial periods will now last three months longer. So, for example, if you started a free trial period on November 1, 2019, your trial subscription will now end on February 1, 2021. It is unclear where this information came from, but alerts from Apple should expire soon.

It is worth noting that the only ones who will see some extra time on their free trial period are those who signed up for Apple TV + between November 2019 and January 2020. At most, the free trial period can extend until the end of February, so if you signed up for a free trial period in March 2020 or later, the free trial period will not change.

In addition to the extended free trial, Apple will also provide in-store credit to Apple TV + subscribers on paid monthly or annual plans. If you have an annual plan that covers the three-month bonus period for free trial periods, you will automatically receive store credit for those months. The same goes for monthly subscribers, who will receive $ 4.99 a month in November, December and January in the United States. 9to5Mac states that the store credit you receive can be used on anything from the iTunes Store, App Store or other Apple services you subscribe to.

If you have not subscribed to Apple TV + yet, it is worth noting that the free trial is still available to anyone purchasing a new Apple device. This will probably still be the case when the iPhone 12 launches later this month as well, and you can follow when it happens when Apple streams its next event on October 13.

Apple TV + may not be a direct competitor to the likes of Netflix, Hulu or even Disney +, but some of the shows and movies have received rave reviews, including The morning show, Mythic Quest, Little America, Central Park, and Ted Lasso. But the largest selection of all may be Greyhound, starring none other than Tom Hanks.

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