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Your Mac needs this calendar widget

  Calendar There are times when I want to expose Apple for not incorporating any features I like and want from macOS or iOS from a third-party app developer. Take a calendar. Please. The calendar is about as 1999 as a Mac app can be.

What's missing in Calendar is an option to click the Menu Bar at the top of an app to view a simple calendar. Wait. Does not the menu bar give you time for others as well as the month date and day of the week? It's just not enough.

Pop Up Love

Mac users appear to be in two different groups. Those who have a dozen Mac apps that are open and running at any time. And those who just open the apps they need right now. I fall into the former category, which means I have many open apps, but still rely more and more on Menubar widgets.

Enter Calair, an inexpensive Mac popup calendar extension. Click on the calendar in the Menu Bar and you will get the calendar.


Yep, Calair can be called with a click, so you can see the current month in one of three different themes. The arrows allow you to move forward and backward for different months. The current day of the month is underlined.

It's also Calair in the Mac notification center. Not bad for a few bucks, right?


Calair does not have an option to view calendar events for the day, or enter or delete events. It's just a calendar. Sometimes that's all you need.

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