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Your new smartphone doesn't have a headphone jack? Here's what you need – Review Geek

Headphone-less phones are old news – it was just over two years ago that Apple announced that the iPhone would no longer have one. But if you are new to the experience, there are some practical products to help you survive without.

Bluetooth Headphones

If you use headphones a lot, Bluetooth is the way to go when you don't have a headphone jack (but if you absolutely need wired headphones, read on).

There are lots of great Bluetooth headphones to choose from too, so even if you're limited to Bluetooth only, you'll most likely find a pair that you like. We have a buying guide that discusses the best choices for all types of styles, including over-the-ear and "really wireless" models.

Personally, my favorite Bluetooth headphones are Ankers Soundcore Liberty Air ($ 79), which type is similar to AirPods, but is half price and creates a tight seal in the ear canal, which is a necessity for me.

Lightning or USB-C Headphone Adapter

If you absolutely need to keep your dear headphones, you are not completely unlucky – you can get a headphone jack adapter that plugs into the phone's charging port.

Apple makes a headphone jack adapter that works with iPhones, and Google makes a USB-C headphone adapter for its Pixel devices (or any other device without a headphone jack using USB-C). Just plug them into the charging station and you have your headphone jack.

It is obvious that you cannot recharge your device when you have connected headphones, so that may be the only drawback when you go on this route. But it can be valuable if you really want to stick with headphones.

Bluetooth adapter for your wired headphones

Now, if you still want to keep your existing wired headphones, but don't mind going on the Bluetooth route, you can get a Bluetooth adapter that you connect to the wired headphones and turn them on to Bluetooth Headphones of the type.

We have a buying guide that describes a few different options, but you can expect to pay around $ 20 for one, which is not bad at all. In addition, most come with controls so you can play and pause the music from the adapter itself rather than the phone, which can be quite convenient.

Bluetooth receiver for your stereo system

Want to connect your phone to your home or car stereo? It can be difficult to do without a headphone jack, but this is where Bluetooth receivers come in handy.

Of course, we also have a purchase guide for these, and you can buy one that either sits on a shelf and has multiple inputs, or you can get a portable one that you can carry with you to use with your car stereo or your entertainment entertainment system .

These will provide your various audio outputs with Bluetooth capabilities so you can connect your phone wirelessly without the need for a headphone jack (otherwise you would normally).

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