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YouTube 4K has now come to Apple TV, iPhone and iPad, but no HDR or 60 fps on TV

“A big frustration with Apple TV 4K is about to become history,” wrote my colleague Chris Welch, when we learned that Apple’s premiere set-top box could finally play 4K YouTube videos in its original resolution instead of being stuck at 1080p. These days, even a $ 40 dongle can do better than that.

But even though Apple’s latest software updates brought YouTube 4K to Apple TV 4K, the frustrations are not necessarily over. It turns out that you are limited to watching 4K at 30 frames per second, instead of the smooth 60 frames per second, and without the depth of color and contrast that High Dynamic Range (HDR) provides. That̵

7;s what 9to5Mac noticed yesterday, and we’ve confirmed with Google that – for now – Apple TV only supports 4K at 30 frames per second with SDR content.

On the plus side, the latest iPhones and iPads support 4K 60fps HDR content if you have iOS 14 installed. Just find a supported video (this is one of my go-tos), tap the three-point setting icon at the top right, and change “Quality” to 2160p.

It’s just a shame that the best of the best is still not available on a large 4K TV screen, where you will more easily notice the difference. On the iPhone 11 Pro, I can not always say that.

Maybe Apple will save it for a future model? It hair It’s been over three years since the company last updated Apple TV, and there is at least a rumor that new models are on the way.

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