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Youtube for Apple Watch: AppleWatch

Yesterday, Samsung introduced the Galaxy Watch Active 2. In addition to the digital rotating frame, one of the features that stood out to me was the Samsung Youtube app built for its watch.

I want to get the idea of ​​Apple watch. Listen to me. I know that is probably the unpopular opinion, but personally I think Youtube on the Apple watch would have been very convenient. One of the main reasons many people have Apple Watches (besides fitness) is because our jobs or daily chores require us to be away from our phones most of the day. As a general rule, the Apple Watch is excellent. Whether it is a quick call or text, without touching a phone.

Now we can bring this back to Youtube. Yes, no one is going to watch a full hour movie on the Apple Watch. That would be a little ridiculous. But if someone sent you a link, for a quick video or something in a text, and you can't access your phone, the ability to see it quickly from the clock is very convenient. It's more "just there," so when needed, it can be a beneficial application for Watch users.

This is my case for Youtube on Apple Watch. Now I don't expect (at least) for Apple to go ahead and build the app the way Samsung did. But it would be nice if Google brought us Youtube for Watch OS.

Let me know what you think!

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