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YouTube removes subtitles from the community

YouTube has announced that they will remove the captions (also known as community contributions) feature from the site. The function is scheduled to be removed on 28 September 2020.

According to YouTube’s statement shared on the support page, the feature was rarely used and had spam / abuse issues, so we’ll remove them to focus on other creative tools. Video publishers can still use their own subtitles, automatic captions and third-party tools and services.

#DontRemoveYoutubeCCs trends on Twitter

YouTube users have taken to Twitter to express their thoughts and feelings about YouTube̵

7;s decision to remove captions from the site using the hashtag #DontRemoveYoutubeCCs.

According to user tweets, the feature helped many people understand a video since they have poor English, while those who were deaf and had hearing problems made it easy to know what was once said in a video.

Tweets about YouTube removing subtitles from the community

We at iLounge find it very emotional since many users with disabilities use the feature. We at iLounge hope that YouTube is considering removing the subtitle feature from the community.

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