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Zendure SuperTank Pro 100W power bank is an animal

Zendure SuperTank Pro is an updated version of the existing Zendure SuperTank power bank. The original had become one of the power banks you chose for those who need to extend the MacBook Pro battery life significantly, and the new model has the same huge capacity of 26,800 mAh.

Pro differs from the original in several ways, which we get to below. But the most visible difference is that the USB-A ports have been replaced by four USB-C …

See and feel

SuperTank Pro has an aluminum case that looks very much like the Zero Halliburton case. It measures just under 5 inches long and 3 inches wide and 2 inches thick, and weighs a hefty 1

pound 4.5 grams.

It fits in your hand, but you know for sure that you are holding it. It is not something you should carry in your trouser pockets unless you are wearing load trousers, and even then you will look very crooked. Do not think about putting it in a suit jacket. This is a power bank designed for those who appreciate capacity rather than pocketiness, and most people should carry it in a bag.

It has a large screen that shows the remaining capacity in both watt hours and percent. When charging, it shows the charging speed and the time until it is fully charged. When in use, it shows the current power consumption (in this case my MBP drawing 56.4W) and the remaining time available on the drawing.

There is a single button on the side to wake it up and show the current capacity.

SuperTank Pro is designed for travel, and Zendure keeps just below the 100 watt hour limit to charge a lithium-ion battery on a passenger plane.

You get a single USB-C to USB-C cable with it (one that has maximum power), but you do not get a charger – more on that in an instant.

Charger SuperTank Pro

The power bank requires a very steak charger to get fuel for it, and that’s why you do not get one with it – it will give a significant amount to the cost.

The good news is that it supports recharging, so connect your MacBook Pro charger to the SuperTank Pro, then connect it to your Mac and it will charge both. Using the Apple charger for my 16-inch MacBook Pro, I found that it took a little over 1.5 hours to charge it completely empty.

In use

It is a rather complex matrix that illustrates the different ways you can use SuperTank Pro. It’s shown below, but the most likely configurations for Apple users are:

  • Use one of the high-capacity ports to deliver 100W and a low-power port to deliver 18W; or
  • Use both powerful ports to deliver 60W each, plus a low-power power supply to deliver 18W.

Although the 16-inch MacBook Pro can draw a maximum of 100 W, and the 15-inch model a maximum of 87 W, I have never seen anywhere near that kind of drawing from both machines, even when I play video in the background and do other things in the foreground. Realistically, this means that the power bank will simultaneously operate two MacBook Pro computers plus an iPad Pro.

Here are the chapters and verses:

There are two ways you can use a power bank like this. First, if you use your MacBook continuously all day without power, you can connect the SuperTank Pro, let it drain the power bank battery first, and then switch to the MacBook battery.

This is the most demanding way to use it, and I found that it only increased my overall battery life by around 2.5 hours. It is not to sniff at and will definitely extend a day by a very valuable amount, but it was much less than I had hoped.

The second approach, if you use your Mac on and off for a long day, is to use your MacBook Pro’s own battery while using it, and then charge it between times. For example, when using a Mac in a taxi or train between a hotel and an airport, you can charge it while walking through the airport, use it in the lounge or at the gate, and recharge it until you need it during your journey. , use it as much as necessary during the flight, and leave it ready for use at the other end.

Testing this type of usage basically doubled the life of the MacBook Pro battery.

Zendure SuperTank Pro price and conclusions

Super EarlyBird prices start at $ 149.

I’m a little skeptical of Kickstarter projects, considering that there have been a number now that have failed to deliver, but in this case it’s an updated model from a company with a good track record. It was also fully funded within 20 minutes. I think, to be honest, some companies use Kickstarter primarily as a marketing tool rather than because they need the funds to get started.

Zendure SuperTank Pro is expensive according to standards for battery packs, but not unreasonable given the power. Of course, there are many cheaper ones available if you are just looking for something to keep your iPhone charged.

This is the kind of product you only buy if you know you need the power to extend the life of a laptop like a MacBook Pro significantly. If you perform the type of work that requires one of these, there is probably a relatively small cost in the scheme of things. I could even see some pros carrying more than one for things like an outdoor recording in need of instant review or editing on a Mac.

The extra capacity when you power your Mac directly from it is disappointing. But the charging capacity is large, and that is the more realistic scenario for most of us. Traveling still seems like a pretty distant dream at the moment, but when it’s a normal part of my life again to fly, this will be the power bank that comes with me.

Zendure SuperTank Pro is available on Kickstarter with super early-bird prices starting at $ 149.

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