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Zoom 5.2.2 – TidBITS

Zoom has updated its eponymous video conferencing app to version 5.2.2, and has added a high quality audio mode and custom gallery view organization. The high-fidelity audio mode, available in the Advanced Audio settings, allows you to disable echo cancellation and finishing while increasing the audio code quality to 48 KHz, 96 Kbps mono / 1

92 kbps stereo (requires a professional audio interface, microphone and headphones). The release also allows hosts and co-hosts to reorder the gallery view (as well as allow participants to create their own custom views), adds custom language support (must be configured on the web portal and requires version 5.2.1 or later), adds user support to pin and spotlight up to 9 participants with host permission, and now allows webinar participants to access phone calls and Call Me audio options. Zoom is free to download and use for up to 40 minutes and up to 100 participants in a meeting, but includes paid levels that provide unlimited meeting times and up to 500 participants. (Free, 21.5 MB, release notes, macOS 10.9+)

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